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Start selling with no monthly fees or listing fees. Only pay when your item sells.

Pricing & Plans

We offer a simple way to Sell on Thamez.
With no hidden costs, you only pay when your item sells.

Designed for sellers who plan on sellingBusinesses & Individuals
Key plan benefitsPay only when you sell something
Monthly Subscription FeeNone
Selling Fees6.4% + 20p (Including transaction fees)

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The Benefits

"Pay as you go" payment flexibility

An easy selling process with dedicated support

Reach millions of Thamez customers

A secure & trusted marketplace and selling experience

Benefit from a “pay as you go” pricing plan. There is no monthly commitment, fees will only be charged when you make a sale.
Thamez helps you optimise your sales by putting its e-commerce website as well as tools and additional options at your disposal.
Your items become easier to find and easier to buy. Thousands of people come to Thamez to buy the products they are looking for.
Become a seller and put Thamez’s e-commerce expertise, product search and payment technology to work for your business.

How to sell on Thamez

Selling online on Thamez is an easy and effective way to reach thousands of potential buyers. Whether you have to sell a little or sell a lot, Thamez provides you the required tools and experience to sell online successfully. To sell on Thamez is a simple 5 step process. Read more about the features & benefits of selling online on Thamez.